Thursday, January 5, 2012

Review: Carmex Lip Balm & Carmex Moisture Plus lip Balm

I've had these two Carmex products sitting around for a while now.. . One came from the December Glossybox and the other was part of my prize pack from The Plastic Diaries.

Because they're the same brand they've been sitting together, and I've started to think of them as "Beauty and the Beast.."

Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman -
anyone else remember this show - or am I just showing my age? :)

Well, it's all about packaging really. The Moisture Plus balm is slick silver - it looks like a long-lasting lipstick. The labelling is unobtrusive and it wouldn't look out of place sitting on your vanity or nestled in your makeup bag along with your other lipsticks and glosses..

I think it's fair to say it's a modest Beauty.

But the Carmex Lip Balm? Well.. look at it!

Garish yellow, red and orange, blaring typography - this looks like a medicinal product, not a beauty product at all! It's noticeable, for sure, but no one would call this package pretty.

It definitely looks like a Beast!

But it's not all about outward appearance, is it? I mean, the Beast turns out to be a lovely fellow in most versions of the tale..

So what about these two, then?

Well - lets's start with the Beauty. Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm feels a bit waxy and glossy - it really does remind me of the gloss top-coat from the ultra-long-lasting lipsticks. It feels slick on the lips for a long time after wearing it. I found myself biting my lips because of the texture. It definitely hydrated them, but I found I needed to wear this alone - layering it under lipstick made lipstick wander for me.

Worn alone it worked just fine, and if you were into the no-makeup look this would be a winner.

Now for the Beast - the formula is a bit less slick, and smells of vanilla. On the lips you notice it has menthol and camphor in it - it feels cool and a bit tingly - a pleasant sensation! It seems to "sink in" to the skin and after a couple of mins you could easily add lipstick over the top.

So turns out the beauty is a bit of a beast, and the beast is a bit of a beauty!

For a wear-alone gloss that hydrates and gives a natural glossy look - you'll want the moisture plus.
For something you can wear under lipstick that plumps your lips and hydrates - you'll want the classic lip balm.

Are you a lip balm fan? Some of my friends seem to have dozens of them, but I have never really gotten into the trend - I just like colour too much! How about you?

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