Monday, January 23, 2012

Review: Clinique Turnaround Overnight Moisturiser

This was in the December Glossybox. It's in a cute little glass jar.. rather hideously overpackaged for a 7ml sample.. the packaging weighs over 20 grams!, not including the box the jar came in. Of course glass is recyclable, and the plastic lid.. but still..

The product advertising is suitably hyperbolic.. here's the moisturiser nestled in a crytal ice palace...

Pretty.. but does it work?

Hard to say with only 7mls to play with, but I did put this on for a few nights. It's a rich, creamy feeling formula - definitely feels like a night-cream, not something you'd wear under your makeup. 
The product is advertised as "fragrance free" so it's not surprising it doesn't smell of anything much. It also looks like it's free of colouring as well as it's just a white cream. 

I didn't notice any dramatic difference in the way I looked but my skin did feel nicer. In the morning my makeup seemed to go on more smoothly because my skin wasn't as dehydrated. 

 Trialling this has made me think that a night cream might be a good addition to my routine, for sure. 

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