Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Review: Layla Magneffects Nail Polish

Regular readers will have already worked out that I am a bit of a nerd. It's no surprise that when I saw this cool new nailpolish that works with magnets I totally couldn't resist it. (Magnets, how does that work?!)

Pretty simple really.. the nail polish has iron filings or similar in it, and the magnet in a specific shape, applied when the polish is still wet, makes the metal particles rise to the top in a pretty pattern..

The one I got is called "purple galaxy" and it's a diagonal stripe pattern. It really is quite a nice effect and it was very easy to do. I did have to re-do a couple to get it right - I held the magnet too close and bumped my wet nail against the lid a couple of times..

With some practice I can see this being very simple to apply.

So - what do you think? Are magnetic nailpolishes the next big trend?

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