Monday, January 2, 2012

Review: LimeCrime Carousel Glosses

I'm not going to lie to you, Marge, when I first saw these online, I might have gasped. Just a little bit.

Highly pigmented glosses.. with glitter.. in blue and purple and gold, and a red that looks like Dorothy's slippers? Yes. there may have been a sharp intake of breath..

I mean, look at the advertising pictures for these babies:

They really do look rather lush!

LimeCrime is known for their opaque, highly pigmented products in a rainbow of wild colours.. if you're hankering for spearmint coloured lipstick or glitter orange eyeshadow, they are your go-to brand. This is their first foray into glosses, so it's no wonder these were so highly anticipated..

The question is, does the actual product deliver on it's promises?

They are certainly high pigment and like all glosses they have a tendency to wander - so I'll be using a reverse-lipliner on these when I go out and about. I didn't use one for these swatches because I want you to be able to see the product as-is. You will see there is some slight feathering happening even after a couple of minutes of wear.

So - the colours!

Loop-De-Loop is a dark blue with blue and purple glitter in it. It's very dark on the lips, it would be suitable for goth/dark looks for sure. I have been contemplating using this with some light blue eyes for a dramatic "Snow Queen" look - I'll let you know how that goes!

 Kaleidoscope is a purple with purple and blue glitter in it. The photo I've taken has picked up a lot of the blue glitter but in the real world it is most definitely purple. Another dark rather than bright colour, this one is also going to be great for some dramatic "statement-lips" looks.

 Golden Ticket is a shiny metallic yellow-gold with gold glitter in it. This is a true yellow-gold without a hint of orange or bronze in it. Not for everyday wear but I can see this pairing up with brown eyeshadow and bronze eyes nicely.
 Cherry on Top - this is the pink of the range. Pink is not usually my thing at all - it clashes with my hair and I avoid it like the plague. This shade though - somehow - doesn't clash. It looks like a light-red on me, and I will find this quite wearable. It has pink glitter in it and like the others is sparkly and shiny!
Candy Apple - of course I saved the best for last! This is a deep blue-red, and it has glitter in it like the others. It really is the colour of a toffee apple! I love this red, no surprise that I consider it the most wearable of this lot, and will most likely be the one I wear most often!

With all of these, the gloss is very thick and you can clearly see the glitter in it. I haven't experimented with layering but I suspect the colours are so opaque these might not be the best for that.

I am really happy with these. They're going to be a heap of fun to wear and they're just perfect for the party season.

If you decide to try these yourselves, keep your lipliner handy, apply sparingly and build up colour, and get your gloss on!


  1. These are like works of art. Beautiful.

  2. Thanks for your comment! They are very fun additions.. Not sure how much wear they will get (apart from the red one ) but they will be good for some of my more OTT looks :)