Saturday, January 7, 2012

Review: Morgana Cryptoria Lipstick - "It Girl"

In my recent haul from I picked up an "It Girl" lipstick from the 1920s collection of Morgana Cryptoria.

I've raved about flappers before, so it should be no surprise to learn I could hardly resist a collection based on the aesthetics of the 1920s.. 

I of course chose the stand-out red of the bunch - it's inspired by the famous film set in the 20's called "The It Girl"..

The promotional photos are just gorgeous!

So, the lipstick itself?

The packaging is nice, a red and gold case with a crystal top.. feels good in the hand and the lid stays on, which is always good.

The lipstick is fairly matte, it has a good texture. It's opaque at one layer, but for good colour depth I put a second layer on. 

The colour is lovely, it's a good true-red, quite the eyepopping colour!

I am very happy with this, and the rest of the collection is on sale at the moment on so I am eyeing the rest of it off.. 
If I am unable to resist temptation I will certainly show you the rest of the collection! 

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