Saturday, January 28, 2012

Review: Savoir Faire Concealer Pack

You know when you're going out, and it's going to be one of those nights. You're planning on a cocktail or two, a bit of dancing..maybe there will be a pash and dash... there will certainly be lots of laughter and fun..... chances are by the end of the night you are going to be one hot mess.

I don't think trying to keep all your makeup perfect at the expense of having fun is a good bargain, but this little addition to your handbag could make all the difference to looking like a big mess and being able to party hard and not cringe at facebook the next day. 

It's the Savoir Faire Concealer Pack, and for the small amount of space and weight it demands in your bag it really works hard. It's around the size of (an Australian) 50 cent coin and a couple of centimetres tall. In the top is a flip lid with two shades of cream concealer, and in the bottom is some loose powder.

With these you can go from looking hot and sweaty to more-or-less pristine again in a matter of moments.

I am not the type to lug around a full beauty kit in my bag.. it's just not my style, but this little hard worker has earned it's place at the bottom of my bag and has "saved the day" more than once.  I thought it was pretty cute when it showed up in my December bellabox, now I think when it runs out I will be happy to plonk down the cash for a replacement. 

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