Saturday, January 21, 2012

Review - TIGI Bed Head Manipulator plus bonus OOTD

In the December Glossybox was a full size sample of TIGI Bed Head Manipulator, a texturising product.

It's a pale blue, and it smells like bubblegum. As soon as I touched it I knew I'd have to be careful - this stuff is sticky and tacky. VERY sticky and tacky.

I put a tiny bit in my hair - less than a 10 cent piece's worth in my hand.. and WOW....

This stuff has some SERIOUS power.  I put a tiny bit on my roots and suddenly I had wild rockstar hair. I had to pat it down so it wasn't too wild-looking (not that I am really the best judge of that, let's be honest), but I was really impressed with the power of this product.

I'm grateful I was on my way out to dinner with friends, instead of on my way to work, because I would have had to do a lot more work to calm it down otherwise.

I have heard that you can use this as a smoothing medium for really slick looks too - I will give that a try sometime!

For about $20 for a 57ml tub you would get a lot of mileage from this - the tiny bit you'd need for each application means it will last for ages.

So for the rest of my outfit.. I only managed to get a not-very-good photo (I am squinting in the sun and pulling a funny face) but here it is:

Top: There's no brand on it, but I picked it up at St Kilda Night market - it's very light (so light it's transparent) cotton - looks like it's been made in a patchwork and then dyed so it's all the one colour. If we get any more really hot days, this is going to be really lovely to wear.

Jacket: Black Plum brand. It feels woollen, it's really comfy to wear ( a web search says they make woollen knitwear), I don't remember exactly where I bought this.

Pants: Lululemon pants
Necklace: : Lovisa
Belt: City Chic

I had a very nice dinner at an awesome place in Brunswick called Palookaville - if you're looking for cheap eats that are awesome, you should check it out ( mains were about $14 each).

I will definitely be experimenting with this product more, of course I will share my results with you!

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