Monday, January 30, 2012

Review: Victorian Disco Cosmetics Sailor Scout Collection

Some time ago I discovered an awesome indie cosmetics maker called "Victorian Disco" on etsy. Victorian Disco Cosmetics have (amongst other things) a range of hand-blended eyeshadows that have been arranged into some rather geeky and rather awesome collections.  I have been lucky enough to get my hands on some samples.. 

The one I'm going to show you today is the "Sailor Scout" collection - as the name suggests these have been inspired by the very popular anime "Sailor Moon"..

If you've been paying attention you would have already seen a couple of these colours in action during my Australia Day Makeup Tutorial.. now it's time to show you the rest of them..

Of course there's no prizes for guessing who my favourite Sailor Scout is - of course it has to be the red Sailor Mars! I love this fan-art of her looking all curvy and hot (It's by samurai black on deviantart) 

These shadows are very highly pigmented, for the price you will get an amount that lasts a long long time. 

Here's a roundup of the baggies I got, the swatches and their inspiration..

I made this nice and snappy so you have have a quick look, but if you want a good look at something  you can pause the video. 

Click "read more" to see it...

(I'm presuming that a quick slidehow like this is better than a blog post with dozens of photos in it that's a mile long.. but I want to know what you think... )

The colours are:

Sailor Moon: True golden colour with gold flecks and sheen.
Sailor Uranus:  Bright bright yellow with yellow sparkles.
Sailor Jupiter: Bright lime green with gold flecks.
Sailor Pluto: Deep teal green with purple reflects.
Sailor Neptune: Bright teal with purple reflects.
Sailor Mercury: Bright royal blue with blue and red flecks.
Sailor Saturn: Bright purple with red undertones and red flecks.
Diana: Bright blue based pink with a light purple sheen.
Sailor Mars: Rusty red with a pink sheen.
Rini:  Light baby pink with a pink sheen and gold sparkles.
Artemis: Bright silvery white with a gold sheen.
Luna: Deep strong black with a very prominent gold sheen and sparkles
Tuxedo Mask: Deep reddish black with purple and gold sheen

I will show you some of the other collections I got soon.. I'm going to have lots and lots of fun playing with these.

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