Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day to Night with Australis Paparazzi Perfect

Top photo: Daytime Look
Bottom Photo: Night-time Look
In the February Beauty Basket I was delighted to receive a full sized makeup product, an eyeshadow palette no less!

It's the Paparazzi Perfect palette from Australis. The one I got is called "Snap Attack" and it has a really good range of very wearable colours.

I am all for economy when it comes to space in your handbag and this product certainly fits the bill, it's in a small but sturdy case and has a nice mirror.

With it you could easily transition from day to night.
Here's two quick looks I put together. The daytime look has the light cream colour on the upper lid and the light brown on the crease, with just a hint of the orange brown.

The night-time look has the orange on the tear duct, with the dark oyster on the lid and the dark brown across the crease.  I also added some mascara.

Both photos were taken in natural light with no colour editing.

The colours all blend very nicely together and have a very smooth texture. They are all quite shimmery but would still be very suitable for daytime wear.

I will be keeping my eye out for the rest of this range - for a "budget" brand they really are very good value indeed and well worth a look.

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