Monday, February 13, 2012

How to: Adele's Grammys Makeup Tutorials

Seems everyone is a-twitter about the Grammys and everyone but Karl Lagerfeld thinks that Adele looked absolutely gorgeous.. I'm struggling to remember why anyone cares what he thinks, ever...

She rocked an Armani gown (oh, to have the star power to get one made in a custom size!) and her makeup was pure classic bombshell:

She's got it all, the winged liner, red lips and the false eyelashes..

If you want to have a go at this classic look yourself and you need a helping hand, some of my youtube tutorials might come in handy:

How to apply red lipstick (and get it right every time)

How to apply false eyelashes

Easy Winged Eyeliner - Liquid Eyeliner

Pair it with some light neutral eyeshadow and you're good to go - maybe one of the lighter options from the Urban Decay Naked Palette?

Whatever products you decide to use this is a look that hasn't gone out of style in 40 years.. a true classic!

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