Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Makeup Looks: Vamping it up for Voltaire

Smashed up knee notwithstanding, I hobbled along to Voltaire recently. Not Voltaire the poet (what am amazing opportunity that would be) but a singer from New York City who does some very fun folk-punk-rock things. He's a goth from way back and a lot of his songs tap into the goth/wierdo/geek/nerd mindset.. naturally this makes him one of my favourite singers!
I overexposed this picture so you could actually see the tailcoat.

So what to wear?
I went with black pants, a ruched front blouse and my 1940s vintage tailcoat.  I bought my tailcoat from ebay many years ago, and when it arrived, I was stunned at the beautiful craftsmanship that went into this garment. It's fully lined and padded with the traditional woollen panels stitched throughout, with tiny little hand stitches. I beleive this was a very high-end garment at the time it was made, it certainly shows a lot more hand work and attention to detail than you'd ever expect in a piece of clothing today. It also fits me really well, which is a big bonus.

I also wore my Voltaire Key which he was selling on his last tour, it's from Alchemy Gothic and is well made. I love keys of all kinds, and have amassed quite the collection of them. 

For my makeup I decided to vamp it up to the max, I used my Too Faced Smokey eye palette and did a very dark smokey eye. I also used the lovely soft eyeliner pencil from Eye of Horus, and did my tightline and waterline, and upper and lower lash lines..

On my lips is the Mirenesse 3D Extreme gloss in "Kiss". This is a dark plum colour that tends to lighten up as you wear it to a plum shade.

With my red hair it's always touch-and-go whether a shade like this will clash but with suitably dark eyes this one works quite well.

I have really been getting into glosses lately, I've always been more of a matte lipstick girl but more and more glosses have been finding their way into my collection.

I am still keen to try out some of the lipsticks from the Mirenesse range though, if the gloss is any indication of their quality.

I managed to capture a few minutes of video from the gig if you'd like a glimpse of Voltaire:

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