Wednesday, February 1, 2012

OOTD: St Kilda Night Market

The St Kilda Night Market is not too far from where I live, and each Thursday night it sings it's siren song to me.. I love watching the sun set over the bay, the lights, sights, sounds and smells of the market.. there's always great food and a great atmosphere..

I had drums in my ears when I put this outfit together.. I wanted something swishy, and shoes I could dance in.. there's always a drum circle and fire twirlers at the markets, and the sound of them makes my feet twitch.. in the good way.  there's always an extra swish in my step when I can hear drums.

I pulled out a bunch of old favourites, and they all had something in common.. a maroon hue.

My hair is such that when I wear a bright red, it looks bright, and when I wear a darker red it seems to take on a darker tone itself... people often assume that my wardrobe is confined by my choice of such a bold hue but I find it's not the case. For this outfit I swept it up into some very messy curls and pinned in a leather hair brooch that I have.. it looks a bit like a crown.

I can't give you very useful details on most of what I am wearing because it's all old favourites. A false-crossover top I bought from ebay, over that a long embroidered mesh overtop, no idea where I got this from, though it looks like the sort of thing you could find in "Tree of Life" and similar stores fairly reliably.

The boots, you can hardly see, but they are over-the knee flat boots that I was very lucky to find in "Imagination" - their outlet store. They were on a massive discount because the sizing was way off.. I usually wear a 10 and these were a 7, and the tops, according to the store lady were "too wide and too floppy".. thankfully "too wide" suits my calves very nicely thank you, and I was absolutely delighted to snap them up. They were $30.. which for wide-calf tall boots is truly a miracle. You know the kind of shopping bargain you get where every time you see the item, you still feel a little thrill of glee? Yeah, it's like that.

The skirt is relatively new, I got that from Chic Star. I find Chic Star has very mixed quality.. it seems about half of what I get there is nigh-on-unwearable because of how poorly it's been made. I do keep hoping against hope though and keep getting sucked in to buying things from there. This skirt is of decent quality, and while I haven't worn it a lot it wasn't a total bust like some of the other things I've gotten from there.

My makeup is, as you can see, maroon to match my clothes too.. the eyshadow is MAC "Full Flame" Velvet eyeshadow and Victorian Disco's "Tuxedo Mask".  I also couldn't resist trying out my shiny new Mirenesse blue gel liner that I got from the glossybox..  I am finding it quite a wearable colour. On my lips is a revlon colourstay lipstick in currant topped with the hello kitty lipstick.

It was a wonderful night with wonderful company.. a very happy way to spend the evening..

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