Saturday, February 4, 2012

Paul & Joe Blusher Sticks

When I saw these I knew I would have to share them with you. Just.. look. 

They are "blusher sticks" from Paul & Joe. My sources tell me they come in three colours: 
  • 001 Glamour Puss – A pearlescent beige that instantly highlights and contours the cheeks.
  • 002 Minou – A romantic and subtle pink for a fresh yet glamorous look.
  • 003 Catfight – A bold and beautiful tangerine for a burst of bright, energetic colour.
I can't speak to the quality of these because all I've seen of them is a picture, but if creativity in packaging counts for anything, I'd say they look like winners! 

Paul & Joe is a brand created by Sophie Albou (Paul and Joe are the names of her sons). My Internet sleuthing tells me that she designs cosmetics to match her clothing lines - prints from her dresses are echoed on the packaging, which is described as "1930s" style. 

They succeeded in getting my attention, that's for sure - what do you think? 


  1. They look really cool, but would be hard to apply evenly I reckon. And the coolness would be used up quickly. Sigh.

    1. Hi Jake!

      I too have my doubts about how practical they would be.. but they certainly score points for cuteness! :)