Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rainbow Eyes Makeup for Pride March

It's been a tradition for me for a couple of years now that when I go to Midsumma or Pride March etc, I normally wear some crazy rainbow makeup.. it's the perfect excuse, after all!

So it was when I marched with polyvic on pride day the other day, I did so with wild rainbow eyes. Rather than go with the super-brights this year I decided to do a pastel rainbow with glitter.

I recently acquired some great shadows and glitter from the etsy seller Victorian Disco, and it's these that I mostly used to put this together. 

I started on the inside of my eye, with yellow, and then I just followed the rainbow spectrum across my eye, laying down vertical lines of orange, red, purple, blue and green, blending between the colours so that I got a "rainbow" effect rather than just stripes. I then put vertical lines of glitter over the top. 
 Certainly not an everyday look but one that was suitable for this occasion. These sorts of looks are just so much fun to wear, I am lucky that I have the kind of life where I can do this sort of thing!

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