Thursday, February 23, 2012

Review: Bio Oil

I've managed to acquire a couple of bottles of this stuff, a sample from the November 2011 Glossybox and I got a bottle in the Plastic Diaries giveaway too..

It's interesting stuff.. there seems to have been a real resurgence in use of oils lately.. everything old is new again, it seems.. it's hard to argue with a couple of thousand years of use!

Bio-Oil 's packaging says it contains the "breakthrough ingredient PureCellin Oil" .. this is a trademark of theirs but the best I can work out it that it's a form of mineral oil derived from petroleum.

It's undeniable that petroleum is a "bio" product and it's "natural".. (so is cyanide!) .. it is not exactly the image that is conjured up when you think about what "bio-oil" might be made of, though is it.. I had the mistaken impression this would be a blend of oils from plants.. (yes, I understand petroleum is made of plants, too).  It also contains Calendula Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil and Chamomile Oil in small amounts, which sounds more like what I was imagining the ingredients of this product would be.

On the packaging it's suggested to be used for Scars, Stretch Marks, Uneven Skin Tone, Ageing Skin, Dehydrated Skin.. that's covering a lot of territory!

I am dubious of any product that claims to remove stretch marks, scars etc, and you will note that this simply says it's a "Specialist Skincare For..." these things, and makes no actual claim that it reduces the appearance or improves any of those things... that would be an illegal claim to make, I imagine.

My sceptical eye would see this as a moisturiser and treat all other claims as dubious -  all oils are effective moisturisers to one extent or another and this one I'm sure is no different.

It has a strong floral scent, and when rubbed into the back of my hand it soaks into the skin but does leave a bit of an oily/greasy feeling for me. This faded away after half an hour or so.

If you don't like nutty smelling oils and prefer something floral, and the idea of a petroleum based mineral oil appeals to you, then this product might be for you.


  1. I've not yet gotten around to investigating bio-oil, though it has been 'talked up' to me several times recently. Am glad to read this review as it wouldn't have occurred to me that it was mineral oil based. Thanks for that headsup. The last mineral oil products I used brought up an intense allergic reaction so I'll be steering well clear!

    1. Oils are all the rage at the moment, so if this one doesn't suit you you will still have a wide choice of others.. I have a rosehip oil I am trialling at the moment, and I have also had good results with jojoba oil too..