Sunday, February 19, 2012

Review: Marocaine Argan Oil

Another stellar find at the St Kilda Markets, I got chatting to some lovely people selling Argan Oil under the brand name "Marocaine".

Argan oil is a bit of a craze at the moment, of course it's been in use for hundreds of years but seems to have only recently become popular here in Australia. It's a versatile product, used as a hair treatment, a skin cleanser, a hand and nail treatment.. there's some wild claims circulating about it's "wonder properties" which should probably be treated with a dubious eye - what's certian though is that this stuff is effective as a moisturiser.

You need to be careful which Argan Oil product to choose though:

If you want the full benefit, you want a pure argan oil - not something that has been watered down with some other oil or ingredients. This brand is the real deal, and because it's a small business you know that there's a lot of individual attention going into these products. The Marocaine product I have is 100% argan oil.

The good people at Marocaine were kind enough to gift me a bottle of oil, and since I got it I have used it on my hair (and my partner's hair - he has very long hair down to his waist, so he's the perfect guinea pig for hair products!). I've also used it after a shower to moisturise and have rubbed some into my hands as well. It seems as effective as other oils I have used, it soaks into the skin quicky and doesn't seem to leave a greasy feeling at all.

It has a distinctive but not unpleasant smell, and it's not "too girly", so the men in your life might like to use this as a pre or post shaving balm..

After seeing it's effects I got curious about argan oil and did some research. I found out it's harvested by goats, mostly! The goats climb up the trees and eat the argan seeds, but they leave the kernels undigested.. these are collected by farmers and used to make the oil.

I have to admit, I think goats are awesome, and these videos made me smile a lot.

You can pick up your own supply of Argan Oil from Marocaine, either at the St Kilda night Markets or on their website .

This product was provided for consideration. My opinions, as always, remain my own.

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