Monday, February 13, 2012

Review: Nude by Nature Mineral Foundation

I received this in the mail from a hardworking PR the other day.. Nude by Nature Natural Mineral Cover.
I still think "Nude By Nature" sounds like a cross between the Chippendales and a Boy Band (sounds barely legal!).. I also think it's a great name for a cosmetics brand though. Makes me smile every time!

I tried out the "Natural Mineral Cover" for light skin tones. True to it's word and much to my delight this is a good pale shade without a hint of orange in it. Too often cosmetic companies will sell a "Pale" shade that's yellow or orange.. it seems to stem from a belief that paleness is a skin "problem" that needs to be "corrected" - this seems particularly prevalent in mineral foundations for some reason. For those of us who prefer to work with what we've got rather than try and resemble an oompa loompa, its always a relief to find a good pale shade.

The product was provided with a "kabuki" style brush.. it's got dense bristles and seems perfect for the task assigned to it. If you invest in a mineral foundation make sure you have a good brush to apply it.. this is a product that really requires a brush application to work. 

This is a very fine powder and I found I needed to apply a lot of it to get the level of coverage I prefer. If you want a very natural/light look you might find you need a lot less, but for me this took significantly more time to apply than a liquid foundation - that could well be just a matter of practice though. 

The results:

Here's some totally-unedited photos of me I took with my phone. On the left is my face with no makeup at all.. and on the right is after putting on this foundation.

As you can see the foundation has done a good job of covering up the redness and other uneven tones in my complexion, it's hiding small blemishes and has given me a matte look that still looks natural. You can still see a natural blush (I am not wearing blush in this, that's just my skin tone) coming through and the natural tones of my skin are still visible -no "mask" look here. I know some people like to hide all of their freckles but I am quite happy for mine to be seen.. 

I found that this blended seamlessly into my hairline and neck, none of that "tide-mark" you can get with a liquid if you don't pay attention.

All in all I was happy with this, I will be using it more over the next few weeks to see how it holds up in different conditions.. for now I'd suggest that if you are looking for a non-orange pale mineral foundation that you consider this one.

This product was sent to me for consideration. My opinions, as always, remain my own. 

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