Saturday, February 25, 2012

Review: Polished London Nail Polish - Fuschia

This was in the valentines themed February Glossy Box 2012 - a nail polish bottle from "Polished London".

I am so used to wild/funny/just plain silly names for nail polish I was amazed when I went to look up this fuchsia toned polish that is is in fact named.. Fuchsia. Fancy that!

This took two coats to be opaque on my nails, just as you'd expect.

While the colour is not really my thing, it seems this is a good quality polish, and their website tells me that it contains none of the "Big 4" of bad ingredients that you're meant to avoid in nailpolishes, whatever they might be..

So.. one of the pictures here is from the website, and one of them I took myself.. can you tell which is which?

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