Thursday, February 16, 2012

Review: Yes to Cucumber Facial Wipes

In the February Beauty Basket were a packet of these wipes.. the brand is "Yes To.." and they come in all sorts of kinds, it seems, "Yes to carrots", "Yes to blueberries" etc for different products.

These are "Yes to Cucumbers" facial wipes.

As you'd expect from a product based on cucumbers, these are cooling and soothing, just the thing to wipe off your makeup before bed after a night getting hot and sweaty on the dancefloor.. I have found that you only need one wipe to get off all of your makeup, and it leaves my face feeling nice and clean and fresh.

This is probably not something I would ever have bought of my own inclination, but now that I have these, I really like them. They seem less messy than using a cleanser, and they're really quick and easy. I've been known not to bother cleaning my makeup off before collapsing for the evening, but with these at hand I have been much better at doing the right thing!

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