Friday, February 17, 2012

Steam Up OOTD FOTD Steampunk Makeup

So, off to a Steampunk DJ gig I went, an event called "Steam Up".

With my leg in a brace causing me stupid amounts of pain I hobbled off to this gig. They'd booked me months ago and I wasn't about to let them down, but I wasn't up to doing much in the way of makeup and costume..

So when all else fails, it's time for the crazy face art!

I was vaguely thinking about the shapes of Sanskrit when I doodled this, but it's only a very vague approximation (cultural appropriation is bad karma, man!).

I grabbed my Eye of Horus liquid eyeliner and I did a squiggle between my eyes, and then on one side under my eye on my cheekbone, and because obviously asymmetrical designs are a lot easier to pull off in a hurry than symmetrical ones, I went under the cheekbone on the other side.

I plonked a black ringlet costume wig on for filler and swept my hair over it in what turned out looking rather "Gibson Girl" in the end.. a generous spray of firm hairspray from TIGI's Catwalk range, add an ornamental bird that looks vaguely mechanical and I was good to go.

On my lips I topped my usual scarlet lippy with some gold eyeshadow for a more metallic hue.

For my outfit I stuck with old favourites, and was a bad blogger and didn't get any good photos of it..  I did spend the vast majority of the night sitting down resting my poor hurt knee.. you can see most of the outfit here when I was photographed with my lovely companions for the evening - tartan bustle skirt, a black shirtdress pinned into a polonaise, pvc shoulder piece...

The clever folk at McZany Photography got an awesome picture of me DJing.. see if you can spot me:

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