Saturday, March 3, 2012

Historical Oddity: the best cold cream ever!

I love vintage ads, just can't resist them.. this beauty came across my radar today..

I say radar, but perhaps I should say giger counter...

You see, it's for Dorothy Gray Cold Cream, and this ad was made in 1955, when it was thought a good way to make it obvious how well the cold cream worked was to make some dirt radioactive (just enough to set off a Geiger counter), and then spray that dirt on the lady's face, and then use the cold cream to clean it off, and then check the radiation of the lady's face after to see how well it cleaned!

I'm not sure there's any cleaner that would help with those pesky face tumors that would happen if you used this "test" too often!!

I checked with the local expert, and he confirmed that even if it was a very sensitive Geiger counter, putting something that radioactive on your face would be a very bad idea.

So don't try this at home, kids, but enjoy watching the ad..

 It gave me a giggle anyway - and it can't be denied that this is an advertising campaign that demands attention - we're still talking about it more than 50 years later!


  1. Oh Lordy! What a way to test in the name of beauty... this made me think of when I learnt that the 16th century ladies whitened their faces with some lovely soft, freshly ground lead... although that was centuries ago... this radioactive dirt test really wasn't that long ago. The mind boggles at what they will discover about the makeup practices and products of today down the track!
    Cheers & thanks for the vintage ad love... what a find!

    1. Yes, people have been using toxic things for cosmetics for a very long time.. I'd like to think that testing processes are getting better though and we're less likely to be making these sorts of mistakes now... hopefully! :)