Friday, March 16, 2012

Makeup looks: bright eyed and bushy tailed

Headed off to a beauty blogger event hosted by GlossyBox and The Iconic,  I was keen to look my best. I took extra time with my makeup, doing the whole shebang.. Primer, contouring, every trick in my arsenal.. this is me as lovely as paint can make me.. 

I couldn't resist dipping into my new collection of pigments from Scaredy Cat cosmetics - they're an indie etsy seller that has some really lovely eyeshadows. 

I wanted colour, but also wanted to avoid anything too wild.. I was going for bright and vibrant but not clownish. 

On my lips I wore Illamasqua Box with a topping of Hourglass extreme gloss in Siren. 

Here's a shot of me with the authors of two awesome beauty blogs, Emma Bovary Beauty and Bugs Beauty

If you zoom in on this picture, you will see that I have a spot of lipstick on my chin! That's what sometimes happens when you wear lots of lipgloss and then eat a cupcake. It was totally worth it. 

I wore a black jersey dress with 1940s lines and my red paisley wrap over the top. 

It was a great event, it's always fun to connect with other bloggers. I cheekily asked the head honcho at The Iconic when they were going to start stocking plus sizes and got a very positive response, so I will let you know more about that when I have the details. All in all a very productive morning! 

The event was featured in the Glossybox Magazine as well. I need to perfect my "pithy quote" technique because what I blurted out excitedly got a little bit lost in translation.. what I was trying to communicate was that   I think people should forget about trying to choose "flattering" clothes (as dictated by others) and wear what makes their heart sing. If you feel good, then what you're wearing WILL be "flattering" by default :)

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