Monday, March 12, 2012

OOTD: city chic, millers

This is an everyday work outfit - smart looking, comfortable, professional. What passes for everyday corporate chic in my world.

The shirt is from millers - I was surprised to find it as I had thought of millers as being full of mostly casual clothes, "mumsy" stuff.. But proving that what they say about assumptions is true, I have been pleasantly surprised by finds there recently.

At Southland there is what seems to be an outlet/discount millers that had lots of things for under $20. I paid $15 for this shirt - its cool and comfy, feels like cotton but is totally crush proof, has some nice tailoring details.. Love it and will be keeping my eye out for more like it.

The skirt is a straight cut skirt with a cute ruffle on the bottom. Office appropriate but a bit fun too. From city chic in their last clearance sale.

The jacket is also from city chic, it's pinstripe, and I just love the cut of it. It has panels on the waistline that ate almost reminiscent of a waist cincher and it nips in at just the right spot for me.

Necklace is from Colette, I like the knot detailing.

Brooch is felt and was made in Nepal - I picked this up at st kilda night market.

This is a good example of how my sense of style gets interpreted for a work setting.


  1. I am trying to find a jacket for work at the moment, and they just don't fit! I might try BCC ..

    1. They have some lovely jackets in store at the moment.. :)