Monday, March 19, 2012

OOTD: How to mix red & green without looking like Christmas

Here's one of those rare, rare days I don't wear red. It does happen from time to time, there are a few items lurking in the back of my wardrobe that are other hues. This was one of those days.

The dress is from Sussan, and is years and years old. It's jersy and has a tie around the waist, and slightly bloused sleeves. Dead easy to wear, always comfy and looks dressy enough for the office.

Under it I wore a t-shirt sort of blouse I have that has a lace insert, this makes the neckline work-appropriate. 

Under it, some grey leggings I managed to pick up for $6 at one of those "closing down! everything cheap" sorts of clothing stores on swanston st.  I'm sure, if you're not in Melbourne, you probably know the sort of store I am talking about. Don't expect them to last too long at that price but it's nice to have some non-black pant/legging options.

Another typical wageslave ensemble. :)

So, the trick to mixing red and green without looking like you're full of Yuletide Joy?
It's all in the tones. There's a particular shade of green and a particular shade of red that's very "Christmassy", and you want to avoid those if possible. Add in some other colours, like grey, or black, or brown,  that aren't usually associated with Xmas. Keep sparkles to a minimum - no hints of tinsel.

Green and red can look very striking together, and whenever I wear green I make a mental note to try and incorporate more of it into my wardrobe..

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