Monday, March 26, 2012

OOTD: Plus Size Colourblocking in Red & Purple

My philosophy on trends is to take them or leave them as you desire. Inspiration comes from all sorts of places, not just what people trying to sell clothes are telling you to wear. 

One trend I have picked up is Colorblocking. Before it was trendy I called it "Dressing colourfully" or even just "wearing more than one of my favourite colours at once!"  - catchy, no? 

I am rocking one of my all time favourite colour combinations here - red and purple. Purple is notoriously hard to photograph accurately, and it's clear my trusty iphone camera is not up to the task, but the detail picture has almost got it - this is a rich, regal purple, dark and lush.. not lavender, not plum, a pure purple.
Combined with scarlet it's a head-turning combination. 

I have a red singlet on that I bought for under $5 at a valleygirl/tempt outlet years ago..with that a red chiffon overlay skirt on sale at crossroads - it has the most lovely silky texture and is a joy to wear. 
Over the top a v-neck dress from Dusk, also years old. 

 The shoes are trusty red suede pumps from Target, looking a little more battered each day..
Of course I wore purple eyeshadow and red lipstick as well :)

You've seen my favourite bright colour combination - what's yours? 


  1. I also love purple and red (as you well know, you saw my wedding ;) hehe). My other favourite combinations are true purple and emerald green, and black and royal blue.

    1. it's amazing the effect colour can have on your mood.. I all too often wear mostly black as a default.. really trying to incorporate more colour into my wardrobe (while still keeping my gothy sensibilities intact) :)

  2. I am rather besotted with this dress at the moment. I wear it at least once a week. Purple too, purple is lovely!

    1. that is totally gorgeous, and very much my style... odd though that it is called the "lady in red" dress yet only appears to be available in black and green at present...

      I do wish eshakti shipped to Australia.. I often get excited by their offerings only to sadly remember they won't post to me.

  3. I am in Australis too! I use to send them to me. It works out at about $20 per dress. Eshakti are quite reasonable and often have codes etc. and the dress does come in red:)