Saturday, March 24, 2012

Review: Beauty Basket March 2012

A large box appeared, and I had no idea what it was until I opened it.. it was the beauty basket.

With this sampler box you get a magazine subscription as well, so there was a fresh glossy copy of Just B here along with some beauty goodies..What have we got?

  • Face of Australia IMPACT-curl Extreme Volume and Curl Mascara (full size sample worth $11.95)
  • John Plunkett's Anti-Ageing Creme Cleanser 
  • Lady Jane Ecostyle Biodegradeable Bamboo Hairbrush (worth $17.99)
  • Sunsilk Co-Creatings Expert-Perfet Straight Detangling mist - (full size sample worth $6.49) - 
  • White Musk Libertine perfume sample from the Body Shop - nice!
  • Not listed on the sheet, there's also another sample of Imperial Leather's Foamburst shower gel/wash here 

So.. what do I think? Once again totally confident I got my money's worth (and then some). The hairbrush is not exciting but eminently practical, this will get used straight away. The detangler is the exact same sample I just got in "I love this box". It's a good product and I'm not sorry to have more of it, but the duplication doesn't please me. I can't help but think that the sample box folks would not willingly choose to duplicate another box's offerings, so I'm going to chalk this up to the brand perhaps not being as communicative as they should be about who else is getting samples. 

Getting the same sample in two consecutive boxes? Well, the foamburst stuff is awesome,  I am really enjoying the one I got in the last basket so I'm happy to get more of this. I'm presuming they had a lot left over from last month and decided to distribute it, good plan say I! It's not like any of us are going stop needing to wash ourselves anytime soon (here's hoping)

White musk libertine and a Plunkett's sample? Now all I can think of is Rochester - either Alan Cumming's gorgeous version in Plunkett & Macleane or Johnny Depp's rather more syphilitic version from "The Libertine" ... too bad you can't get them sent to the door! 

Just like these two fine gentlemen, I think this basket is just dandy! 

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