Saturday, March 31, 2012

Review: Mineral Therapy Illuminating Pearls

When I first got my hands on this, I was struck by the novelty of the design. It's a cute jar full of multicoloured pearls, with a brush that screws onto the top, and a clear lid that goes on the top.

There's a lot more to this product than novelty value though. It's a really lovely illuminator for night time wear.

The pearls are full of tiny speck of glitter, and they give the skin a glow and a sheen wherever you put it. This makes it a bit too shiny for daytime for me, but for night-time it's great.

Like all illuminators with shine, you need to be careful where you put this - if you have fine lines around your eyes it will highlight these, so put it a bit further down on the crest of your cheeks - right above where your blusher would sit.

If you're wearing something low cut, go ahead and sweep some across your collarbones as well.

All the FOA products are super cheap for the quality they are - this is a great way to experiment with illuminator without spending a lot of money. Check it out if you get the chance.

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