Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Why I am not more excited about LMFF (Melbourne Fashion Festival)

Melbourne Fashion Festival!

Top designers showing off their newest creations, a new season of fashion, beautiful things everywhere to be seen... a celebration of creativity and genius, art and fashion...

Why am I not super duper excited about it?

Well, it's simple really. The festival just doesn't feel like it's for me. Even if I could afford all the beautiful clothes on display, they don't make them for girls like me. I, like most of the population, wear a size 14 or above.

Fashion shows are so glamorous, the buzz and excitement is contagious. But sitting there looking at beautiful clothes that are not for me - that doesn't feel like fun.

I want to shout. Or something. I want to corner the designer in question and say HEY! See these curves? They would ROCK that dress. And I would give you MONEY. LOTS OF MONEY. So, could you consider, please pretty please making it my size? I am not the only woman who would thank you for it!

I feel a bid sad. and a bit mad. I am not sure what to do, to be honest.

I have opinions about fashion. Oh boy, do I have opinions. I want to talk about the new trends and what's on the catwalks - but it seems like if I do that, and I show you pictures of those models, then I am part of the problem. I am bombarding you with more images of women that don't look like you and me, and more clothes that aren't made for women like you and me.

I contemplated showing catwalk pictures and saying "here's how you could get this look in plus sizes".. should I do that?

I feel like my blog "airtime" is better spent showcasing clothes that ARE made in a sensible range of sizes. Clothes for you and me. That means I ignore a lot of designers. A LOT. It's what feels like the better option right now though.

This is why I am "Fashion Adjacent". I'm not fashion forward - being fashion forward is a never ending race where clothes are a competition. The very act of wearing something makes it more popular and therefore more trend-following than trend-setting. When you're fashion forward, every event is an opportunity to win (best dressed!) or lose (worst dressed list for you!).. I am so not into that.

I am about clothes being an expression of joy. Something fun to play with, not something to make others feel bad about. Clothes create an atmosphere. Your clothes are one of the ways you say "I care enough to have made an effort!" without uttering a sound. Clothes say "This is what I'd like to tell you about myself..." "here's a glimpse into my personality..."

To me, that's what being "Fashion Adjacent" instead of "Fashion Forward" is about. 

So - if someone does't make clothes for the majority of bodies out there, if they don't make clothes for me, I am not much interested in blogging about them here, regardless how how gorgeous those clothes might be.

But that's just what I think. What do you think I should do?


  1. I think you should use the time to showcase Australian plus size designers then start planning your own "all size" event for next year's festival.

  2. I like filthyassistant's suggestion very much. Stick to your plan - it's a good one and part of what makes this blog unique and awesome. We can see *ourselves* in what you show us.