Friday, March 30, 2012

Why we need models.

There's a lot of criticism out there about models - especially in the plus-sized world.

Thing is.. we need models - and here's why.

A model is the difference between looking at this:
and looking at this:

This is an amazing sequin shift dress from Damn You Alexis. It doesn't look like much on the rack, though. It's not till you see it on an actual person that you can really see how it looks. 

If all I'd seen of this was the first picture, I'm not sure I would have looked at it twice, but when you see it all styled up and on a real person, well, THAT's something you'd want to get your hands on.

Even though I'm not blonde and I am not the same height or dimensions as this woman, I am still getting a much better idea of it's potential. 

Of course, looking at the dress on someone else wouldn't be nearly as good as seeing it on me, which is why I always try things on whenever possible. You should too!

"But what if I am buying online?!", I can hear you asking. Don't worry, I've got an answer for that, too, or at least something to help a lot. stay posted.

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  1. so true! I love DYA & have singlets, leggings, dresses, belts etc. & that sequin dress is right up my alley, but I get so put off my looking at that un-modelled pic (even with the modelled one) I haven't been able to bring myself to buy it. Sigh.