Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Celebrity Make-up Tutorials - Here's how we're going to do this.

I've been thinking a lot about celebrity makeup tutorials lately. Readers love them, and it's something I'd like to do on this blog.. but there's issues. Big issues.

Here's what I have been thinking...

One of the things I love about makeup is it's accessibility. Most of us will never be in a position to spend thousands of dollars on a designer gown (and even if we were, would we want to? There seems far more important things to spend one's money on). Most of us are never going to experience the lifestyles that many celebrities enjoy.

But their makeup? Well, that we can have. With the right tools and the right technique you really can copy just about anything.

And often, celebrity makeup is really inspiring. It's fun to look at something someone has done and think "How did they do that?" "What products would you use?" "What techniques?".. to break it down and show how it's done..  I love the ways in which celebrities push the envelope with their looks. I want to be able to share something I think looks amazing, and show how it's done, or show a makeup look I've been inspired by and my take on it. The makeups in music videos and movies and tv shows are often huge sources of inspiration to me.

I can break looks down and show others how to achieve them. I like the idea of helping to unravel that mystery - people feeling empowered and inspired - looking at something beautiful and saying "I can do that!".

It seems though, that it's difficult to mention a celebrity without making a comment on the celebrity themselves, for good or ill. I feel really strongly that this blog is not a place for celebrity gossip, not a place that buys into the cult of celebrity. I think a lot of the messages that come through in music videos, movies, and the whole "celebrity lifestyle" thing is not stuff I agree with or want to give airtime to.

I might admire hugely a colourful eye-shadow pattern in a R&B video, but the lyrics of the song might be really hateful and shaming.. can I show the make-up from the video without implying I also agree with the lyrics/message of the song? Maybe a movie has some problematic scenes or something I don't agree with, but there's an awesome makeup look I want to show people - do I pull out at screen shot anyway?  It's not always negative, but I feel like my positive opinions of certain stars really aren't any better informed than negative ones. Why do we even care?

Can you have one without the other? Can we be inspired by and look at just the makeup? Is putting the name of "Celebrity X" on this blog going to be seen as an endorsement or indictment on their lifestyle, their choices, their personality?

All this and more has been running through my head. I've made some decisions about it.

I've decided to do the tutorials - to me getting the information out there and giving people that knowledge is more important. I am, however, going to put a disclaimer on the posts each time.

"Fashion Adjacent is not a forum for celebrity gossip. We don't buy into the "Cult of Celebrity" around here. The mention of a celebrity on this blog should not be seen as a positive or negative view of them, their life, their opinions or anything else. When we show a makeup look, it's just about the makeup - end of story. Comments that get into the realm of celebrity gossip will be deleted." 

How do you feel about that? Am I on the right track? Let me know - in the end, this blog is about you, and for you - my readers.  I feel like we're building a pretty awesome little community here and I would love to hear your thoughts about this.

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  1. Works for me :) I don't tend to buy into celebrity either, but I do often find myself wondering 'How did they do that?' :)