Monday, April 16, 2012

Cheap and Cheerful Heroes.. five little products you won't want to be without.

I have a quintuplet of heroes for you today.. five really cheap products that will make a big difference to your makeup..  it's a collection of primers and other nifty pens... These are from the "Models Prefer" brand which is exclusive to Priceline.. it's a budget beauty brand that packs a punch! 

Here they are:
A Brow Highlighter - this is a pale pink pencil that you put under the arch of your brow - this makes a big difference to your eyes, which in turn has a huge difference on how awake and alert you look. Your brow looks more arched and your eye looks more open and bright. It's a difficult effect to photograph but one that is easy to see in person. You could achieve the same effect with a light pink eyeshadow, but when you can pick this up for just under $10 you may as well get the specialist tool.
What the brow highlighter does for above your eye, the eye brightener does for below it. Most people have darker skin under their eyes that can become prominent dark circles if you're feeling a bit tired and run down. This will take care of that! It's a brush-tip pen that you can use to blend in the colour so it's nice and smooth. I normally apply this after my foundation. It covers up those signs of tiredness and makes you look fresh as a daisy!

Left: naked eye
Right" with brow highlighter and eye brightener
Now, these two, you're not going to notice their effects until hours after you use them, but that's a good thing! With an eye primer on your eyelids and a lip primer on your lips, both your eyeshadows and lipsticks look better for longer. Your makeup fades less and stays where you put it in the first place with these helpers in place. You'll need less shadow when you first apply it because the colours will pop and appear more pigmented.  You'll need less re-applications as well, so you can think of these as a life-extender for all your favourite shadows and lippies. Well worth a small investment - the eye primer is $14 and the lip primer is $10.

Now it's quite possible I have saved the best for last. This baby is a corrector pen. You hopefully won't need it very often but when you do you will be oh-so-glad you decided to spend the $10 on this. let it sit quietly in your makeup drawer until you need it to rescue your whole look. 

If you've ever worn mascara or eyeliner, no doubt you have at some time smudged it. Then you grab a tissue or a wipe or a cotton bud, and wind up making a bigger mess? Then you swear and curse and wipe it all off and sigh and start again?? This pen will stop that from happening. 

It does what it says on the label - if you smudge your eyeliner, or your mascara decides to wander, or your shadow goes somewhere you don't want it to - this pen will remove it - and this is the important part - it will remove the smudge and leave the rest of your makeup where it is.

Smudge fixed!
So - five little heroes - for the low price they are it's well worth it. Keep an eye out for them at Priceline!

These products were provided for consideration. My opinions, as always, remain my own. 

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