Monday, April 16, 2012

From black to red with no pre bleaching - L'Oreal Majicontrast

If you are wanting to go from black hair to red without a bleaching stage in between, then this is a product you may want to try. It's L'Oreal 's Majicontrast.

This is a product designed for streaks and highlights, but it can also be used over your whole head for an all-over look.

If you mix this with 40vol creme activator, it can lift even black hair to red in just one step. The colour doesn't last as long as the one I regularly use (Goldwell Elumen) but it is a good option if you're not wanting a REALLY permanent and/or hard to get rid of red - if you just want to dabble in red and try it out, then give this a go.

You can only get this from hairdressing supply stores, and the usual warnings about trying to do hairdresser stuff when you're not a hairdresser applies.

This red fades to pink, there's a range of tones that are more orangey and ginger as well, along with some bluish and purple magenta tones too.

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