Wednesday, April 25, 2012

From Look Book to Street Look - Domino Dollhouse

Once again, I'm showing you a "Look Book to Street Look".. it's a semi regular feature here were I'l show you something I own the way I wear it, and the way it was originally styled by the designer.

Today's featured item is this  Domino Dollhouse skirt from the "Rebel Rebel" collection.

In their lookbook they have styled it with gorgeous suspenders, a cute striped shirt with red sleeves, heart shaped sunglasses and some gorgeous retro-inspired curls. I love the way this looks both vintage and modern at the same time.

As soon as I saw this on their website, I knew I had to have it. I've been wanting a peplum skirt for a while now and this one is just chock full of cute details - the bow at the front, the frill at the back, the length, the colour - all perfect.

When it arrived it wasn't exactly what I expected - I'd been a little generous with my size estimate so I needed to take this in a bit, and the fabric needs ironing, which is normally something I avoid! It's a testimony to how much I love this skirt though that I have been willing to get out the iron when I want to wear it.

So, how did I style this?

I wore this out and about on a gorgeous Autumn's day - you've already seen my rainbow makeup, now you can have a peek at the rest of my outfit.

A singlet with roses embroidered on the neckline that I picked up from an outlet store really cheaply, my City Chic cropped jacket with frills on the shoulders, a pair of leggings went with the skirt.

The cropped jacket makes sure the cute details of the skirt aren't hidden.. . playing around with this I think it could just as easily be worn with the bow at the front or the back depending on what look you were going for.

Because the skirt is quite short the leggings made me feel more comfortable in it, and I think the wet-look print on them added a bit of edge to the ensemble.

I'm going to be scouting my wardrobe for other fun things to wear with this skirt - I have a feeling you're going to be seeing it again before too long!

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