Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How, now, lovely brows? - Australis Eyebrow Kit

I've said it before, but I'm sure it bears repeating - well groomed eyebrows can really "make or break" any makeup look.
I picked this kit up for free, it was a "gift with purchase" if you bought $25 worth of Australis stuff at Priceline. (I bought two eyeshadow palettes that I will show you soon). 
The kit consists of two pressed powders in a reddish brown and a smoky brown, wax, tweezers and a brush.  By using the two powders mixed together you could achieve the right colour to tone in with your skin and hair - I will be using mostly the reddish one for daytime, and the darker one for more dramatic "strong brow" looks. 

It also has a nice mirror and a good catch on the compact - it's a really nice little package, with no hint of "free giveaway" shoddiness about it.  This is a product I would be more than willing to  pay for. 

Top picture: Naked Brows
Bottom picture: After using the Australis Eyebrow Kit
So, how it works is that you use the brush to smooth your eyebrows out, then add the powder to create the shape you want, and then use the wax to seal that colour and shape your brows, keeping them where you brushed them.

It's simple, elegant and it works. Can't ask for more than that! I'm often guilty of rushing out the door with makeup that doesn't include anything done to my brows.. when I see what a difference it makes I always resolve to take that extra minute or so.. perhaps with this handy kit I'll be more inclined. 

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