Friday, April 20, 2012

How to dress for Melbourne's weather - switching it up

I've been living in Melbourne a few years now, I think I'm only just starting to really understand the weather and how to dress for it. "Four Seasons in One Day" isn't just a Crowded House song, it's really how the weather here works.. it can be warm, cold with an icy breeze, sunny, humid, rainy, all in the one day.

The only way to survive is to layer up. I find I need a lot more clothes.. I never really understood the need for mid-weight, "spring/autumn" weight clothes before living here.  I've learned though.. 

Here's that awesome top I bought at St Kilda night markets, worn two ways for very different consecutive days.

On the right, I'm enjoying a picnic at Birrarung Marr, a gorgeous park on the banks of the Yarra right in the middle of Melbourne city. It was a beautiful day - warm sun, cool breeze.. we spent the whole afternoon lounging in the shade, feasting and laughing.. bliss. It was quite warm so I wore my top over a bronze dress from ASOS. I like to wear a long skirt when I know I'm going to be sitting on the ground, I find that way I can sit any way I like and still retain some modesty. I put a belt over the top to define my waist and was good to go. 

On the left, the very next day, the weather turned cool. Cold, really, with a biting wind and cloudy skies. I need warmth, so I put on a vintage wool dress I own, it's simple lines and red/black marle fabric make it a perfect layering piece for me. It's lovely and soft and not scratchy at all because of it's age, and it's nice and warm - but not too hot for indoors. Because of the wind I also wore the warmest pair of pants I own, they're from luluemon. They look like dress pants but they're fleecy on the inside. Totally a lifesaver when it gets cold. When I was outside I also wore my wool ASOS coat, which you can see me carrying.

Two very different days, but still maximising my wardrobe. How can you use layering to get more mileage out of your favourite pieces?

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