Thursday, April 19, 2012

Illamasqua Human Fundamentals Apocalips goth look - Just a little bit Capitol City

If you follow me on instagram you would have already seen a glimpse of this, as promised here's the rest of the look..

I had a DJ gig at a goth club, the perfect excuse to go all out and do something a little bit crazy with my makeup. I couldn't wait to crack open some of my goodies from the Illamasqua Human Fundamentals collection.

Here's how I did it... 

This look started with Illamasqua's amazing foundation, Skin Base. I applied three colours of it, doing some serious contouring with a darker shade (no 6), midtones with a much paler shade (no 2), and then adding a sweep of illumination with the lightest pure white shade.  This made me so luminous I actually had real trouble getting a photo of myself, you can see the light just bouncing off my skin in these photos. Contouring like this is not for the faint hearted - under the dark lights of the club it looked really good, but just like Dracula, this is a look that should only come out at night. Under the harsh light of day this kind of foundation shading would look a bit clownish.. you can still do contouring but you'd need to blend, blend blend and work hard to create a natural effect. 

Once that foundation was laid, I started adding colour. The Fundamentals Palette has two cream colours and two powder ones - a yellow powder eyeshadow, a silver liquid metal cream shadow, a mint green cream shadow and a purple powder shadow. When you first look at them you might not think they'd sit very well together, but once you actually start to play around with the colours they just sing, enhancing and complementing each other that still makes every tone stand out on it's own. The look is edgy, but I could see these being used for a variety of daywear looks because of the lovely way they sit together. 

I used the yellow on the inner corner of my eye, and swept the mint green over my lid. Then I did shading with the purple, adding some more yellow very lightly under my brow. 

After that it was time to start messing about with eyeliner. One of the stars of the Human Fundamentalism collection is a white liquid eyeliner called "Scribe". It's amazing stuff. The visual effect is like liquid paper - it's a totally opaque white.. it goes on beautifully smoothly and doesn't roam, drying almost instantly so you can really go to town with it and not worry about smudging. 

I was able to lay down a line of it, and then put my black liner right over the top almost straight away. As you can see it makes the black liner look even blacker and gives my eyes an unearthly look to them. By using Scribe, and then the black liner a bit further out from my lash line than I normally would, I've created a really wide-eyed doll look, creating the illusion that my eyes are much bigger than they are. 

I extended the eyeliner way out for a really extreme goth silhouette. Cleopatra, eat your heart out! 

On my lips I used the new teal shade, Apocalips. Right in the centre of my bottom lip I put a spot of gold from the liquid metal palette. This echoed the yellow in my eye makeup and helped pull the look together, though the fact that the mint green in the palette is a perfect tonal match for the lipstick helps too.. there's a lot of clever thought gone into this collection, it's very clear that it's all been designed to go beautifully together. 

These are going to become firm favourites in my makeup draw, whenever I need something with some "pop" I'm going to be reaching for these. 

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  1. Very cool, I've been hanging for this post since I saw the original photo :D