Saturday, April 7, 2012

The kind of stylist we need.

Picked up this cute City Chic top from ebay. I love a bargain and I often find it's worthwhile to have a look and see what's going cheap. With a brand I am really familiar with like this I can be confident that what I get is going  to fit and I already know the quality of the garment.
I have a fairly defined idea of what's "my style" and what isn't, and that helps me make useful choices as well.
I like this top because it has a cool peplum/ruffle at the bottom.. it's also made from a sheer fabric so I wear a singlet or tshirt under it if I am wearing it to work.

You'll also notice that it has cream lace ruffles down the front. Now if you read many "style guides" you might have been told that if you're large busted like me you should never, ever wear ruffles down your front like this. You know what I think about that?? 

Well, I think there's a lot more money and press in saying "Oh no! women shaped like XXX should NEVER wear XXX" because it makes you sound knowledgeable and authoritative. Saying things like "Wear what feels good! If you love ruffles, wear them, regardless of your bust size!" doesn't sound nearly as bossy and know it all, does it... and yet that's exactly what I think.

I reject the idea that to be a good stylist you need to be always telling people not to wear this, or that.. I am not interested in buying into body shame or encouraging people to hate themselves. I don't want to tell women they need to dress a certain way because it's "flattering" .

I really want to believe that there's a place in the market for a stylist who could help women, especially plus sized women choose clothes without getting into body shaming at all.. because if there is, then wow, I'd love to do that. 

What do you think? 


  1. Those ruffles really suit you and your shape! I don't think anybody should ever be told they shouldn't wear a certain item of clothing. I agree there should be stylists who help you wear what you feel comfortable in, not what is or isn't flattering in their opinion.

    1. Thanks Louise!
      I really want to believe there is a way to offer advice and guidance about clothes without getting into hate and shame.