Thursday, April 5, 2012

OOTD: Putting on the Ritz for the Digital Parents Conference

Here's my outfit for the Digital Parents Conference "Gala Dinner".

Being a fashion/beauty blogger in a sea of "mummy bloggers" made me a fish out of water... they were a friendly bunch though and it was lovely to reconnect with some bloggers I really respect.

I'm used to being different - you don't dye your hair this colour and expect to fit in. I did my best not to be too "different and intimidating" though - story of my life!

I had spent the day in jeans but getting closer to the evening it was clear that jeans were NOT going to be suitable for the evening event, so I rushed home to change.

I didn't have a lot of time so had to work fast. A quick "twist and pin" to get my hair up..  add some sparkly makeup and some glitter eyeliner in jade for a bit of pop.

My colour changing eyes obligingly went green, reflecting the jade liner.

My trusty gown of thorns skirt which I have blogged before.. Always delivers, and is comfy to wear despite looking very dressy. On the top, a singlet, a city chic top over that that has a peplum frill, and over that sleeveless sequin bolero/shrug sort of thing I got for less than $10 from millers. I suspect the long trailing ends of it at front are meant to be knotted up to make a sort of crop-top, but I prefer to let the ends hang down, adding the illusion of length.

Necklace from collette and a bright red lippy and I was good to go.

Every time I go to a blogging conference I come back energised AND exhausted, full of ideas and plans.. This time is no different... there were a lot of great speakers and plenty of success stories to be inspired by.

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