Saturday, April 28, 2012

Review: Australis Intensifeye Wet/Dry Shadow - Far Out, Brussel Spout!

This is one of the goodies I picked up in my epic Priceline haul. It's by Australis and is a trio of green shadows called "Far Out Brussel Sprout!" - can you get any more aussie?  

Silly name aside this is a great combo of colours. It's leaning towards the khaki side of the green spectrum -there's a light khaki, midtone that has a bit of a turquoise bent to it and a dark olive colour. 

Going on dry these give a nice subtle touch of colour. 

I'm not so much into subtle though - and it's using these shadows wet that had me excited. Wet, they become very strong, highly pigmented shades that pack a lot of punch. You can see here I have managed to put together a very vivid green eye look. 

I used the light khaki under my brow, turquoise on my lid and used the dark green for shading.  Not a look I would show up to the office in but something fun for nighttime or the weekend - I will definately be wearing a variation of this again. 

These were around $11 - for the price point they're very high quality. Australis as a brand is impressing me more as I try more of their products, it's easy to feel a bit nervous when things are "too cheap" but this is a brand well worth checking out if you love a bargain!

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  1. Australis are getting better and better! My sister bought me one of their new nail polish, the color is 'valentine', it's a beautiful vibrant red that has a really bold color with only one coat. Good quality and cheap :)