Sunday, April 29, 2012

Review: Lust Have it April 2012

Another serious straggler has appeared, the April Lust Have it box. It didn't come in a box though, they've supplied it in a cute little cosmetics bag, which is nice.

So what's in it?

  • I Nuovi Glitteratti - cosmetic glitter. Mine is holo/white which is going to be perfect for all sorts of looks. It's a full size sample worth $19.95
  • EmerginC Skincare samples - Kombucha cleanser, Phytocell Detox Mask and Phytocell Moisturiser. If buzzwords and miracle ingredients are your thing then this is a brand to watch. Very small samples but will be interesting to have a look nonetheless. As far as I understand "Phytocells" are pretty much "PLANT GOO" - so yeah, interesting!
  • De Lorenzo Elements Ocean Mist Sea Salt Styling Spray - I've been getting into the salt sprays lately so it's great to have another one to try. A full sized sample worth $23.95.
  • True Solutions All day Tinted Moisturising Cream - it has sunscreen in it too, so that's nice. Similar to a BB cream but with a glowy rather than matte finish, if my quick swatch is any indication. 
  • Spa Fresh Blends Romantic Discovery - bath salts as far as I can ascertain. Will no doubt toss these in the tub next time one of the kidlets is having a bath.. I'm not really one for baths these days.
So, another lovely collection of goodies, better late than never!

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