Friday, April 20, 2012

Review: Nads Sensitive Hair Removal Creme

Nads are well known for their hair removal products and this is a great addition to the range - it's Nads sensitive hair removal creme.

The thing I noticed with this is that it seems to have less of the strong smell I often associate with these sorts of hair removal creams, but it does the job just as well - so if you're looking for a less stinky option this might be it!

I am always a bit wary of using depilatory creams because any chemical strong enough to melt your hair is something that deserves to be treated with respect. Make sure you follow the instructions, use a timer and don't leave this on any longer than you ought to. You're better off trying a second application in a few days rather than messing about with application times.

As an added bonus this also comes with an applicator sponge. What's not to love?

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