Saturday, April 21, 2012

Review: Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple and Red Velvet

I'm one of these people who knows what they like when it comes to lip colour, and pretty much sticks to it. I really love opaque lipsticks because they deliver bright colour, and unlike glosses they stick around. I've tried a lot of lip products and I would have been willing to bet that there was nothing new under the sun.

That is, until I tried these. They really are something different.. a hybrid that combines the best traits of a few different lip colour products. They're smooth and hydrating like a gloss, bright like a lipstick, but not opaque.. they're thicker than a lip stain, definitely more colourful than a lip balm...

They're lip butters. 

Ever since these got released overseas many months ago, the blogosphere has been raving about these. 

The marketing features Emma Stone, who has got to be one of the most popular actresses around at the moment.. she seems to be having an "It Girl" moment.. I thought it was interesting that they chose to feature one of the lighter coral colours instead of the usual red. The fact it matches her dress and her complexion so gorgeously (with a little help from the photoshop wizards, no doubt) makes the whole thing really stand out.

All makeup has beautiful advertising though, you really can't expect that to be an indication of its quality or suitability to your own tastes. 

Candy Apple
Red Velvet
With so much hype around them I have to admit I was bracing myself for disappointment. I waited till they came on special to buy them - Priceline has a 2-for-1 deal on these at the moment (along with some very generous gift-with-purchase offers too), so I thought it was a good opportunity to snap these up.

Of course I bought the two reddest shades I could find, called "Candy Apple" and "Red Velvet".

I can tell you - I'm really happy with these. Even with all the wild hype I wasn't disappointed, not one little bit. They really are something different, and I can see them carving a niche in what you would have thought was a crowded field of options. 

Candy Apple is a light, tomato-red (apple red, it's fair to say), whereas Red Velvet is a darker, more lush tone, more of a brick red. In the photos, the swatch more accurately reflects what the colour looks like in natural light. One thing I like about these is the transparent lid, which matches the colour of the lipstick. It's got a cute "quilting" texture on it.. a nice touch. 
Revlon Lip butter: Candy Apple

Revlon Lip butter: Red Velvet

Both of these give you a lovely wash of colour that is still transparent. If you squint at these pictures you might be able to spot a freckle that's on my lipline on the right hand side. Normally lipstick covers it up, but with this, you can still see it even though there's a lot of colour happening. 

I was really pleasantly surprised by these, I can see myself grabbing them as a really wearable workday colour. If I want to add more colour to my workday eye shadow than usual, these would pair with that very nicely - they would complement but not try to compete. These aren't screaming "LOOK AT ME" - but they will inspire a second glance, I think. 

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  1. I really love Candy Apple. Its such a gorgeous colour. My other fave is Raspberry Pie