Monday, April 2, 2012

Swatched: Hourglass Visionaire Eye-shadow Duo in Prism

I've raved about the gorgeousness of the Hourglass range before - this is something else they make that I am lusting after. Its the Visionaire Eyeshadow Duo - this combination is called "Prism". It has a shimmery dark silver-grey shadow, and a spectacular black eyeshadow that has multicoloured glitter in it.

Both shadows are highly pigmented and a lovely buttery texture. As you can see, they swatched like a dream - this was just one sweep on my wrist.

Another cool thing about this is that the mirror on top of the palette swivels.. you can close it with the mirror on the top, or on the bottom. It's nifty!

Hourglass stuff isn't cheap but it is high quality, and I would have forgotten the price long after I was still enjoying this baby.  This is $58 from Mecca Cosmetica. You know it's good when it's tempting at that price.

I think this would be awesome to use for a smokey eye that with the glitter would really have some extra punch to it.

Definitely got this on my wish list!


  1. I so wish I could do the smokey eye thing without looking like I've been in a fight! Love your YouTube videos Omega. Have just watched the tightliner one. Will have to give it a go, although a little worried about irritating my contacts. Can you recommend a good non-irritating eyeliner?

    1. The Mirrenesse tightliner I used is specifically designed not to irritate the eye, so that would be a good one. Another one I find is very good is the Eye of Horus eyeliners, they're made of natural ingredients so they seem a lot gentler on the eye.
      My co-author Katy wears contacts, so I'll ask her to post about what she recommends soon. Watch this space! :)