Friday, April 6, 2012

Swatched: Max Factor Smoky Eye Effects Eyeshadow

Spotted these in Priceline the other day and they look kind of nifty - they're double ended creme eyeshadow duos from Max Factor - they're calling them "Smoky Eye Effects Eyeshadow"

The two that caught my eye are the first and second on the left here - a blue/plum combo called "Blue Tempest" and a bronze/lime combo called "Citrus Storm".

I swatched them with great anticipation!

You can see that in the 10 seconds it took for me to swatch these and pick up my camera the bronze is already starting to smudge. Some smudging ability is necessary for a great smoky eye look.. but there is such a thing as too much! I'm definately going to have to try these out on some actual eyelids before making a verdict on that either way.

The colours look good, they seem highly pigmented and come out bright, as you can see.. the colours are interesting, I think you could get some really cool looks out of these.

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  1. I've tried these. Point the first - I recommend refrigerating them. They are so soft that they break with remarkable ease :( Really not a lot of pressure was required for it to snap.

    And yes, they smudge VERY easily, and hence don't seem to have a lot of staying power - they slide off the skin it feels like. I'm not sure how best to go about fixing that with primer / powder without losing the product itself. Though it presumably can be done.