Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hunger Games Makeup: The Girl on Fire

Here's a look I put together after getting inspired by Katniss Everdeen,  "The Girl who was on fire"..

Going with red is always an easy choice for me, but this fiery look is cranking it up a notch!

I put a lemon coloured eyeshadow at the inner corner of my eyes, and then a brighter yellow, orange on my lids and two shades of red in stripes upwards towards my brow.

I painted on some flames with eyeliner and filled these in with orange and yellow, angling these so they acted as a cat's eye.

I also did a yellow/orange/red gradient on my lips as well.

Playing around with gradients is always lots of fun, I really enjoy doing these sorts of looks when I have time to. It's not something I would take to the office but is lots of fun for a night out.

What do you think? Fancy a little fire in your look?

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