Saturday, May 5, 2012

Makeup Looks: Walking Dead Zombie

 So there's makeup looks, and then there are makeup looks that get into the zone of "special effects" - this is one of those.

My partner wanted to go to Supernova as a "Zombie Hunter" and because couple-theme costumes are just oh-so-cool (or not, as the case may be), and because I hadn't done it in a while I decided to don some zombie makeup to accompany him.

Now when I do a zombie makeup I like to go for all-out gore. None of this "paint some dark circles under the eyes and you're done" nonsense.. I get out the latex and try to create something scary!

These sorts of looks are way easier to do than many people think..

All I did was paint a thick ridge of latex across the centre of my face. After it had dried I put my regular foundation on it, and blended it in to my skin tone..

I got out my bruise wheel and highlighted all the shadows in my face - sunken eyes, bluish lips, all the things that make you look more dead than alive.

Once the latex dried, I sliced it down the middle and stretched the edges open so I had a nice gaping gash. I also let the edges peel up to add to the look.

Then  it was fake blood time! I use "fresh scratch" from kryolan, it goes on and dries so it's not messy once you get it on, and it stays where it is put.  I filled up the "gash" with blood and did the edges too.. that way as your face moves you get some glimses of what looks like a truly horrific wound..

For an extra touch of "EEWWW!" I wet a sponge and put some trails around my mouth - if you're going to be a zombie, after all, you might as well be a well fed one!

Then it was time to work on my vacant stare, my shuffling, groaning and general zombie-ness... there is some malicious fun to be had stumbling through a crowd like this - the reactions of horror, surprise and delight are a sight to behold!

I got lots and lots of compliments and had about a million photos of me taken. Was fun!

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