Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mermaid Eyes: A review of Emani Mineral Shadows

This brand is a very welcome new discovery for me - they first caught my eye at Salon Melbourne, and I was lucky enough to receive a few samples from them.
It seems as though there's a million brands of mineral makeup on the market these days, each one claiming to be the best, most pure, original, ignore-all-others option, and they are a bit of a mixed bag, I've found. Some mineral pigments seem to really have the "WOW" factor and others are more of a yawnfest. 

These ones, I am pleased to report, definitely fall into the "WOW!" category.  

I used them to put together this look which I promptly dubbed "mermaid eyes" due to the lovely sea green tone it predominately had. 

I also did individual swatches of the shadows as well..

First off, a shimmery purple, number 1061 called Moon Raker (presumably after the Bond film?) - you could certainly see a Bond Girl wearing this glamorous shade, or maybe a double-dealing villaness (which I guess many of the Bond girls have been, on reflection...)  The product picture here shows the shadow much darker than it seems to me - my picture of the swatch is far more accurate. It's a lovely dusky purple.

Next up 1056 Dare Devil, a stunning blue.  Product picture and my swatch much closer on this one - It's got some peacock undertones to it, really a gorgeous colour that comes on strong. 

 I may have saved the best for last - A really interesting eyeshadow option Emani have is this "Hybrid Color" which seems to be a mix of powder and cream. It's green and blue and gold shimmer, a very hard colour to photograph accurately but a gorgeous colour to wear. It is a light sea green with amazing tonal variation.. you could sweep this on your lids and use nothing else and be ready to go out, it seems to create a whole look on its own.

I really, really liked this - can you tell?

 I also tried one of their lipsticks which you can see above, this colour is called "Sex Pistol" but rather than being something punk rock and "in your face" it's a trendy coral colour, totally the sort of shade you can wear when you want the focus on your eyeshadow.

Under it all is Emani's mineral foundation, in Ivory. I love it when a company has a foundation pale enough for me that's not too pink or too yellow and this one really fits the bill. I was very happy with the way this blended in with my natural skin tone.

All in all I was really impressed with this brand - everything works just the way it ought to and the quality seems high. Highly pigmented eye shadows in glorious shades are always going to win me over!

If you're looking for "something different" though that will make you swoon,  the hybrid colors are hard to go past.. I am really keen to try out more colours in the range.

Emani is sold though hairdressers and beauty parlours, you can see where the nearest stockist to you is  on their website, . Worth hunting down, I'd say!

These products were provided for consideration. Our opinions, as always, remain our own. 

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