Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Out and About: Nuffnang Fashionopolis

Not so long ago, I went to a fashion blogger event run by the advertising company Nuffnang. It was called Fashionopolis , and it did seem like the whole city turned out for it - the blogging part of it, anyway!

Many luminaries of the fashion blogging world were there, and many hopeful up-and-comers like me! So, what does one wear to such an event?

After abandoning several different options I finally decided on this ensemble. The room was going to be cool so I layered up for comfort.  I started with wet look tights and nice comfy ankle boots - both from Target. One of my vintage favourites, a red marle woollen dress, and over that a dress with an interesting stud pattern on the front - also from Target.

I topped it off with my leather military jacket, a lucky find from Sportsgirl many years ago that has stayed current longer than I thought it would (though my love for military styling means I'd wear it regardless).

The necklace is from Definatalie. 

If you've noticed that the pictures of me are are way nicer than usual - that's because they were taken by the very talented Danimezza! I think these are some of the nicest pictures that have ever been taken of me!

So enough about me, what about the event?

Pheobe, AKA Lady Melbourne was resplendent in vintage Chanel, and they'd set her up a rather comfy looking bed to present from.

The room was decorated with succulents, little beds of moss and bird's eggs - the eggs represented tweets... I guess the succulent was tumblr and the terrariums Facebook then?

The room was just full of fashionable folk. Dominant trends of the day seemed to be statement vintage pieces, really colourful "stand out" shoes.. lots of interesting jewellery and cool embellishments.. there was lots to look at.

It was indeed an amazing day, and I got lots of inspiration, came away with lots of big plans for the blog.

You can see a whole lot of blog posts about the event at Nuffnag's Link Roundup Page. 

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