Monday, May 7, 2012

Review: Colourvue "Bigeye" 15mm lenses in Cool Blue

 Recently we were sent some pairs of coloured contact lenses from Colourvue. Colourvue is, according to their website, the most popular brand of coloured contact lenses in Europe, and is now available to Australians.

I had never ever worn contact lenses before. As a child I was actually really scared of eyedrops or anything at all going into my eyes, though that's something I have gotten over as an adult.

I was pretty nervous to try these, but I really wanted to see how they looked. Circle lenses fascinate me, I love how they can really alter your look in an uncanny way. Even when people know you're wearing lenses they can't help but be effected - we have some really deep-seated brain programming when it comes to other humans and their eyes. I'm sure I'm not the only person who, consciously or otherwise, judges people by their eyes. Someone who has "cold eyes" is someone I instinctively distrust, fair or not.

So.. messing with your eyes is no small thing!

If you're wondering what the heck a "circle lens" is, it's a coloured contact lens that extends the size of the coloured part of your eye. these ones are 15mm, I have seen them up to 18mm in size. Basically they make your eye look bigger, so you get a really wide-eyed look.

So, how'd I go with these?

I read the instructions carefully, and after a bit of fiddling around, I got these into my eyes with very little trouble. On one side I couldn't feel the lens at all, it was as though it wasn't even there, and on the other eye, I could tell it was there, but it wasn't an unpleasant sensation, certainly not painful or even annoying - I was just aware of the lens' presence.

The difference these made.. well, you can see for yourself. Even though these were pretty close to my natural colour (when my eyes are being blue), the extra size made for a really different look.

Above - my usual eyes
Below - with lenses in
I've seen these called "dolly" lenses and you can see why - they do look a little bit inhuman in person - nothing you can really put your finger on, but definitely "SOMETHING". People that know me intimately picked up that I was wearing them straight away, people that knew me less well could tell something was up, but couldn't quite discern what.. (You look different. Is it your hair?) and people who didn't know me at all commented that I had "amazing eyes".  These lenses are not something you should wear if you don't like attention being drawn to you,that's for sure!

We were sent a few different colours of these, so expect more reviews in due course.

My foray into the world of coloured lenses has really whetted my appetite for more - I'm definitely going to be trying more of these.

I love the idea of having red eyes or all-black, if I could find these in the enlarged "circle lens" style I'd be really keen to try those.

These retail at $45 a pair, which seems very reasonable for something that has such a huge impact. If you look after them they can last up to six months or so.  If you want to get your very own set of new eyes you can do that at .

This product was provided for consideration. Our opinions, as always, remain our own. 

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