Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Review: Designer Brands Eye Liner

Now here's a bargain you might want to keep your eyes peeled for - you might remember me swooning over the gorgeous Stila eyeliners - sad to say, they are not yet within my possession, but I did manage to find something to tide me over while I wait. These liquid eyeliners are nowhere near the quality of the stila ones - but for a mere $2.00 a shot they represent good value! 
Fot that price I lashed out and bought the whole collection! There's a black, a silver/holo, a jade green and a turquoise/blue one - all with glitter. 
Now these are real cheapies - the formulation is a little chunky, and you need a couple of layers usually, there's not a lot of product in these, and I suspect they will dry out very quickly. For two dollars each though, it's really hard to complain!
You will have seen these pop up in my FOTD posts quite a bit, and no doubt you will continue to do so until they become too dried out and yukky to use - at which point I will throw them in the bin without regret.. two dollars very well spent!

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